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Battery Park

New York, USA
4.6 / 19
City Park in southern Manhattan, a green area that separates the waters of New York Harbor from business districts. The park was laid out in the XIX century, but since the XVII century the place was used for recreation and walks. Ferries depart from Bettery Park Harbor for Ellis Island, Staten Island and the Statue of Liberty. In the past century, artillery batteries were located on the territory, which protected the city from water.
Address:New York

Beautiful park where you sit relax and calmly enjoy your hot dogs. Children would love the place. It is also an attraction for many joggers. I also ha.. Read more »
Quiet and serene place to go to. However I get an eerie atmosphere by late evening as the sun set down. Am not sure of its the same during the bright .. Read more »
Excellent public park. Clean and wonderfully landscaped with great riverfront views. Particularly liked sitting underneath the trees to have lunch in .. Read more »
Very clean, safe and nice city park. Beautiful views of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Wonderful statues and monuments all over the park. Fa.. Read more »
It's beautiful here. I didn't really know about this park after visiting NY many times in the past. There is a Navy memorial overlooking the Statue of.. Read more »
Battery park is great place to spend day. Amazing view and so many things to enjoy. Really nice pond with ducks , fishes and water fall. Nice kids pla.. Read more »
Visiting the Empire State building is awesome! The views are incredible and it's so iconic. I went a few times as a kid and this time I took my grandd.. Read more »
Decent park near the Staten island ferry, good to walk around in and enjoy the plants. Good amount of interesting status to observe cost-free, my fav.. Read more »
The park itself has some interesting statues and lots of carefully manicured landscaping, but it is easily missed as many people are only passing thro.. Read more »
Beautiful park! We came here to catch the ferry to the Statue of Liberty. There were blue skies, and it was a nice spot away from the high rises overl.. Read more »
This is the tip of Manhattan and the most important and happening place. Ferries to the statue of liberty island starts from this place. And all the i.. Read more »
A lovely park to visit to see the water closer and a little bit of the Statue of Liberty. It's not the best park in NYC, but it's a good place to wal.. Read more »
Beautiful park. You can spend a lot of time here just taking in the scenery. Coming from an area like the Midwest you are more taken back then if you .. Read more »
Really nice to take a walk/ run around this park. It offers great water views and you can also spot the Statue of Liberty from here. Unfortunately, .. Read more »
Great place to have any meal looking at the statue of liberty. You can either seat outside when it is sunny and have some drinks at the bar or just ch.. Read more »
Great views and the park itself is quite lovely. There are quite a few memorials around that are nice. The ferry service to the statue of liberty and .. Read more »
Really cool spot to come chill. Great place to take in the sights and enjoy some of the local beauty. A little cloudy when I went, but still enjoyed i.. Read more »
Battery Park is on the south end of Manhattan island and the Financial District. The park is beautiful designed with riverfront walking paths, green s.. Read more »
In doing the tourist attractions, we came to The Battery. Cute little park with benches to rest from all the walking. We came to see the Statue of L.. Read more »
One of my favorite place to visit during lunch, or even after work. The background gives me peace of mind and helps me to relax. Its a spectacular vie.. Read more »
Seriously? Fabulous. No place like it in the world. Many American dreams started here. Like many of my generation , my great grandparents and grandpa.. Read more »
Amazing collection of the natural sciences. I loved the various aquariums, the rainforests of the world, the skulls exhibit, and the planetarium. Ther.. Read more »
The battery park has got great history with the New York City and the shaping of United States. The ferry to Statue of Liberty is right there and the .. Read more »
Great place to visit! They've done a great job creating lots of nice green spots! And the view is obviously breathtaking! There's plenty of food and t.. Read more »
Battery Park at the lower tip of Manhattan has some interesting historical significance. There is the fort Castle Clinton, that used to protect New Yo.. Read more »
Seriously? Fabulous. No place like it in the world. Many American dreams started here. Like many of my generation , my great grandparents and grandpa.. Read more »
There’s a Great halal truck near here the guy there is nice and the food is DELICIOUS!!!! Plus there’s great views just from right here. Very close to.. Read more »
This park is open... Near Statue of Liberty... It's having a fare for entrance... It will be better to take separate rides to this area rather than ch.. Read more »
Pleasant park in lower Manhattan with beautiful views. A deep historical location with monuments honoring those from our past that lead the way for t.. Read more »
This is a REAL park. Seriously, it's so huge and has so many things to do/see. Every time I come here, I always discover a new trail or attraction. Gr.. Read more »
Very cool place to watch the sunset and if you love dogs there is a dog park here was well where we just enjoyed watching everyone else's dogs play an.. Read more »
Simply amazing park at the south end of Manhattan. Can walk there for hours, take the ferry to Staten Island, watch the rivers, avoid city people if y.. Read more »
Unfortunately it was closed due to covid when I visited last week
Night of remembrance and reflection. 19 years after the fall of the twin towers of new york
A quick visit to NYC over Labor day holiday. An early morning stroll through Battery Park and nearby 9/11 memorial. Enjoyed the scenery and historic.. Read more »
I love the Battery. I don’t live in NYC but when we visited New York we came here. It was a rainy day but still, it’s a wonderful park. Sort of saw th.. Read more »
Nice famous old park on New York City. Was not to crowded when I went there. Here you can get tickets and take the ferry to the statue of liberty. Rig.. Read more »