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Bata Shoe Museum

Toronto, Canada
4.5 / 11
The collection of the museum was collected by the founder of the shoe company "Bata" and his wife. It all started with a few samples of shoes that Sonya Bata brought from various trips. At the moment, the exposition occupies three floors of a separate building. Here are collected more than 12 thousand samples from all over the world. There are even quite “fossil” couples from Ancient Egypt, antique sandals and medieval boots.
Bata Shoe Museum
Address:327 Bloor Street West, Toronto
Phone:+1 416-979-7799


Well. I lived beside here. I liked too look at Shoes. It's an interesting Museum.

Matthew Nowers

A nice museum, especially for shoe lovers. Would recommend going on Thursday evenings when it is pay what you can (between 5-8 PM)

Harry Bradley

The Bata Shoe Museum is a small museum around the corner from the ROM. It provides an interesting perspective on history, through footwear. It is ce.. Read more »

Fatima Mehta

This is a neat little museum about shoes. It's very cute.

Susana Brubaker

Amazing Museum. It was a wonderful experience. Its a must see.

xiaomeng ren

Surprisingly educational! I went there just to look at some weird shoes to kill time. But end up learning a lot about footware related culture from di.. Read more »

Anthony Malinas

The Bata Shoe Museum has wonderful pieces of history and beautiful exhibits to browse. It is very nice to go with a family, including young children, .. Read more »

nia amy black

Literally the best date night/day. Highly recommend everyone go there! Extremely clean and spaced out, felt very safe.

Happy Girls

The Bata Shoe Museum is beautiful. We had a lot of fun looking at the shoe collection, so many shoes that seem impossible to wear! My son wanted to se.. Read more »

Camila Cormier

Super in depth and well organized content. Interesting overview of history through the lens of shoes Would be nice if they included more recent shoe f.. Read more »

Sandra Rochata

Beautiful museum and collection. This is a must see museum for anyone who love shoes. Cool concept for a museum. Definitely an interesting place to le.. Read more »

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