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Basilica of St. Lambert

Dusseldorf, Germany
4.5 / 11
One of the oldest Catholic churches in Dusseldorf. Its history began in the VIII century with a small chapel built in honor of the missionary St. Lambert. At the end of the XIII century, a monastery was formed on the basis of the church. Inside the temple there are holy relics and works of art from the beginning of the 12th century. The Basilica of St. Lambert is subordinate to the Papal throne of the Vatican and has the status of "Basilica Minor".
Basilica of St. Lambert
Address:Stiftsplatz 7, Düsseldorf
Phone:+49 211 3004990
Hours:monday: 07:30–19:00 tuesday: 07:30–19:00 wednesday: 07:30–19:00 thursday: 07:30–19:00 friday: 07:30–19:00 saturday: 07:30–19:00 sunday: 07:30–19:00


lovely Church my favorite church in Dusseldorf!

Ellen Kruppa

At the beginning of the 19th century the church had become too small to meet the needs of the parish, but expansion was postponed several times due to.. Read more »

Ronald Werner

Beautiful church.

Lhiri Hanna De Lucca Caet

Simple but beautiful church, entry for visiting is free.

מורי ג. ק.

beautiful church and alter. acoustics could have been better, so not the best church for concerts, or maybe the choir should stand behind the prayers


One of m favourite places in Düseeldorf

Mark Gaston

Love any church with Jesus. 13 century makes it amazing.

Emilia Stammler

A lovely church to visit if you have spare time.

Benoit Schipper (Carps)

Lovely place in the old part of Düsseldorf. Tranquility is the word when you go inside this beautiful church. Suggest to go when it is early before lu.. Read more »

Faizan Zafar

Every time I've visited Düsseldorf, the Altstadt never ceases to amaze. St. Lambertus is one its amazing artefacts inside and out. The areas surroundi.. Read more »

Siiri Aalto

Beautiful and full of gorgeous and interesting details. Very excessive like catholic churches usually are.

Edwin Rene Asparsayogi

A nice old church. Located at the oldest part of Dusseldorf, it is very close the Rhein river. It is very elegant and old. Very unfortunate that I did.. Read more »

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