Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute

Venice, Italy
4.9 / 7
The church appeared as thanks to the Almighty for the deliverance of Venice from the terrible plague epidemic in the XVII century. The disease claimed tens of thousands of lives (more than a third of the city’s population in those centuries). The construction of the cathedral lasted 50 years; for stability, countless wooden beams were driven under its foundation. The temple is located opposite the Doge's Palace in the main city square of St. Mark.
Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute
Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute
Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute
Address:Dorsoduro, 1, Venezia
Phone:+39 041 274 3928


Venice Italy- is a very unique place. Nothing, not even flood should stop travelers from traveling to Venice. Dress accordingly, have rubber boots and start exploring Venice. Remember, it's an island, you can't get lost.


Basilica di Santa Maria is one of the must see Venice attractions & one of the first ones to be seen on Venice postcards. The is NO ACCESSIBLE way to the church itself because of the high stairs, but to catch the best of view over the Basilica from .. Read more »


Amazingly beautiful church to appreciate just as much from the outside as from the inside, if you get in take your time to appreciate every detail of its architecture. You don’t have to pay anything, and it’s worth visiting it. What’s good is that it.. Read more »


It's a bit out of the way but worth going to see even if it doesn't have all the fresco's and glitz of some.of the other sites in Venice. Use one of the water taxis to save walking but it is very nice walking around the back and seeing a very differe.. Read more »


You must and I repeat must walk it to this point. It's worth every step. And when you finally reach to the edge, your going to feel great, the view, the water, the air, the clouds, the architecture, the people. Life!


Beautiful, didn't have a chance to go inside. Not sure if you can but it's located in a perfect location facing the canal and the ferry.


In addition to the majestic beauty of the Basilica the psychological and spiritual comfort of being in its presence is overwhelming. I highly recommend the pamphlet I got from the Basilica title “prayers to Mary”with a picture of the Madonna in Chris.. Read more »


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