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Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano

Rome, Italy
4.8 / 12
One of the oldest Christian churches, the first temple of Rome. In the church hierarchy, it is above all others, even above St. Peter's Basilica. Catholic hierarchs appropriated her the title of "Basilica Major", that is, "elder." She is recognized as "the main and mother of all churches." The temple appeared during the reign of Constantine under Pope Sylvester I in the 4th century A.D. Six Popes are buried in the basilica and the relics of the apostles St. Paul and St. Peter are kept.
Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano
Address:Piazza di S. Giovanni in Laterano, 4, Roma
Phone:+39 06 6988 6433
Hours:monday: 07:00–18:30 tuesday: 07:00–18:30 wednesday: 07:00–18:30 thursday: 07:00–18:30 friday: 07:00–18:30 saturday: 07:00–18:30 sunday: 07:00–18:30

Fabiano Vivori

One of the most beautiful churches in Rome and consequently in the world. Very nice ceiling. Worth the visit, recognizable from distance too

Gabriele Busnelli

This is, in fact, Rome’s cathedral - that is, the Pope’s Seat. Its complete name indicates that it is the head of all Catholic Churches in the word. A.. Read more »

pts pts

Huge Basilica with Immense and amazing statues of the Saints. Amazing Building!!! Absolutely 5 stars. OPEN during Covid RED

M in Paris

This is so far the most amazing basilica in Rome. And the most impressive after the San Peters Dom. I was mind blown by the golden ceilings the huge s.. Read more »

Itay Moshe

One of the most beautiful! Central location And a must have to see All the surroundings full of stuff Recommended!!

Emily Wilson

The second of the four largest basilica in Rome. Christianity's largest church. You have to see it when you go to the Vatican. Entrance fee to Vatican.. Read more »

Anthony Antonopoulos

Absolutely breath-taking. The statues inside are truly magnificent. Did I forget to say the entry is free?

Janos Kosa

One of the four main cathedrals in Rome, outstanding masterpiece, a great memento of christianity.

Stephan Wilfried Astner

One oft the most holy and suggestive sites not only in Rome but all over the world.

Xavier Gaubert-Amy

In Rome, do as Romans......this city is an open air derelict museum whose cathedrals and churches are in tip top conditions. So much money, materials.. Read more »

Aayush Khandelwal

Amazing architecture. I found somewhere that this is the second largest basilica but when I checked on internet it wasn't correct. Still it's good to .. Read more »

Helio Ramos

The first Holy See! Masterful building, especially after Borromini's contributions to make its nave still more impressive!

Vykintas Bubenas

Basilica di San Giovanni is just breathtaking. I cannot describe it by words because it has to be seen and every inch of this architectural marvel nee.. Read more »


It’s a magnificent cathedral. The ancient Roman doors alone are worth the visit. Cosmedine mosaics in the cloister are beautiful.

Lara Giuliana Gouveia Sim

This church has everything you want from a major basilica - a holy door, gigantic and emotive statues, beautiful artistry, and lashings of gold. The w.. Read more »

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