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★ 4.7

Basílica da Estrela

Lisbon, Portugal
4.7 / 19
The church, erected by order of Queen Mary, who was grateful to Heaven for the appearance of the long-awaited heir. The basilica is considered one of the most picturesque temples of Lisbon, it is built in the Baroque style with elements of neoclassicism. The temple began to be erected after the Lisbon earthquake (the queen was late in fulfilling the promise, since at that moment her son Jose was already 18 years old).
Address:Praça da Estrela, Lisboa
Phone:+351 21 396 0915
Hours:monday: 10:30–19:30 tuesday: 10:30–19:30 wednesday: 10:30–19:30 thursday: 10:30–19:30 friday: 10:30–19:30 saturday: 10:30–19:30 sunday: 10:30–19:30

It's a piece of heart, very elegant and iconic buildings from inside and outside. Amazingly maintained and super amazing use of art and colors. Worth .. Read more »
Beautiful Basilica on the outside while waiting for tram. Didn’t get to really go inside, but checked out the free section part. Not sure why everythi.. Read more »
Beautiful historical church, directly across the street from the Guerra Junqueiro Garden Park. Free and worth a quick visit to pray or see the beautif.. Read more »
Very beautiful cathedral with an epic rooftoft & dome! The place is a hidden gem for people who enjoy Lisbon’s rich history.
Great church and worth the small fee to visit the roof and the dome. Wonderful views
Very nice from the outside. Inside is fine too but will depend on your personal taste / interest in churches.
Free entry. We'll worth seeing. Amazing interior.
Very beautiful chapel which houses the grave of a Portugues queen. The statues are awe inspiring.
Beautiful old church. When we visited the church, on a Monday around 11.30 in the morning, there was a service ongoing which ended around 12.30. It’s.. Read more »
It is a beautiful building inside and out, seen from below and above. Gorgeous decorations, works of art painted and carved in stone. The combination .. Read more »
Visiting this Basilica on January 1st was an excellent way to start the new year. It was very beautiful to view all the statues, architecture and pain.. Read more »
Known for the white exterior and dual bell-towers, Basílica da Estrela warrants a brief visit to view Queen Maria's tomb and an impressive pulpit. Le.. Read more »
Beautiful basilica, the inside is worth a visit. Option to visit the tower with awsome views.
Not too ornate or barroque as it is described, but indeed an interesting visit through the city. I can say that for religious people (I mostly visit c.. Read more »
Breathetaking. This one IS impressive unlike Santiago compostela.. called basilica for a very good reason. Must visit.
Incredible, we are truly blessed, in a wonderful city with the most beautiful experiences.
Beautiful and architecturally wonderful Basilica - on the opposite side of the road enjoy the tranquil gardens.
My favorite place in Lisbon. We could go in the roof of the basilic for 3€. The entrance is on the right when get in the basilic
It's a beautiful building, I liked.thr architecture and it's next to a garden.
The most beautiful basilica in Lisbon. Check out the garden of estrela nearby. It's lovely
Passed the place at night while being on a Lisbon tram - there was the final stop of a tram there, and some time to enjoy the beauty of this architect.. Read more »
Nice church Basílica da Estrela is a nice church, outside of the main touristy circuit path in Lisboa. It's quite big, neobarrocan style.
Impressive creamy white late baroque church with a truly spectacular “terrace” on the roof of the nave, which is like something out of a movie set. Pr.. Read more »
One of the most beautiful churches in Lisbon. It looks fantastic outside and the park in front the church my favorite. Nice interior with color marble.. Read more »
The building itself is lovely and worth dropping in just to see. We found out that there was an English-language mass here, and so we attended on Sund.. Read more »