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Austria offers tourists a wide selection of attractions of different orientations - culture, ancient castles, architecture and museums. Many of the museums are on the list of the best not only in Europe, but also in the world. Their exposition will surprise even a sophisticated art critic. Classical music lovers attend the Vienna Opera, as well as Mozart's homeland, Salzburg.

In Austria, preserved many castles and palaces of the Middle Ages. Their architecture impresses with a variety of styles, luxury and grandeur. Most of the country is occupied by the Alps. The indescribable beauty of the mountains in summer and winter can be seen from countless viewing platforms, castle and church towers. And for a better study of the picturesque landscapes in the mountains, railways and roads were laid.

Vienna is a worthy place in the galaxy of glittering European capitals. Since its foundation in anci..


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The charming Salzburg lies in the Salzach river valley among the picturesque Alps. From the hills lo..

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