Complex Atlantis The Palm

Dubai, UAE
3.8 / 5
The complex is located on the island of Palm Jumeirah, it opened in 2008. The architectural concept of Atlantis is the legend of the sunken, fabulous Atlantis. In the corridors of the hotel you can see frescoes with legends about the Atlanteans. On the territory of the local aquarium there are various artifacts allegedly obtained from this mainland. Outside, the building resembles the sheikh’s luxurious palace. Atlantis has 17 restaurants, a huge spa and fitness room.
Complex Atlantis The Palm
Address:Crescent Road - Dubai
Phone:+971 4 426 2000


Welcoming absolutely dramatic, impossible to access to the bedroom. We were two with one ID and the picture and they ask us to go home to get the other ID. I accepted to proceed but they refused to give the room to my wife for waiting.. No sanitary m.. Read more »


We did a staycay day on white beach it was great. My only issue was that it took them absolutely ages to check us in. I have no idea what was even taking so long, surely this process should be 2 minutes max? The room was fresh and clean though and th.. Read more »


I liked staying at the Atlantis. It's a beautiful hotel. Due to Covid they took good measures for sanitation, hygiene and peoples safety. Loved each restaurant I ate and the staff is really friendly. Please note that this hotel is huge and you will w.. Read more »


For relaxing, its one of the best hotel in dubai. If you are staying in the balcony you can see the palm. The location is good but far from the downtown. So you need to take a car and its will take around 20 minutes to reach the downtown. But its goo.. Read more »


Experience luxury as this place unfolds a new definition of it. The building is magnanimous and majestic. It has an aquarium, suites , restaurant and many fun things to do. The rates are damn high as you would expect from a 7 star property.


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