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★ 4.9

Assumption Cathedral

Varna, Bulgaria
4.9 / 15
The Cathedral of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, which is located in the center of Varna. It was inaugurated in 1886 in honor of the liberation of the city from the rule of the Ottoman Empire with the active participation of the Russian Emperor Alexander II, whose wife was an aunt to Prince Battenberg. In the architecture of the cathedral you can see the features of the Byzantine style, elements of Russian temple construction, and even some Gothic touches.
Address:площад „Свети Свети Кирил и Методий“ 2, Варна
Phone:+359 52 613 005

Galina Lokshina

It is wonderful! We were lucky to hear them singing. I'd give 6 stars :)

Samuel Walter

Stunning interior and the entry is free. Should be on everyone's bucket list when in Varna

Bell enthusiast

The church looks amazing, the bell ringing skills are amazing, the bells sound amazing, even after over 25 years of use! All and all, everything about.. Read more »

Ivan Ivanov (XxKenchetoxX

Amazing architecture, truly fascinating culture. I am very happy to have witnessed this wonderful religious and sacred place!

Artem Kravchenko

Cool place. There are little palm trees near the cathedral and seagulls and cats all over the place.

brandyandcoke rumandcoke

Like most religious buildings they are both a place of beauty as well as worship no matter what the faith, and this Cathedral is no exception. Differi.. Read more »

Omer Ilyasli

Cathedral is the largest church building in Varna and of the biggest in whole Bulgaria, with a long history. It is literally at the heart of Varna an.. Read more »

Juan Salanova

Sadly it was in reforms, but seems to be a beautiful ancient orthodox cathedral.

VOAD x Rol

Sadly it was full in reforms, but what we saw was amazing.

Wiktor Pacierpnik

Highly recomend this monastery to go in and stay for some time. The spirit can be felt in each corner. Paintings in the walls are very sophisticated a.. Read more »

Might AMV

It looks good and they have recently renewed the gold on top of the church but most of the time It's quite dirty and for the last 3-4 years It's been.. Read more »

Aj Dimitrov

One of my favorite orthodox churches in the city of Varna. This is the cathedral down town and it is simply stunning!


Now when now that it's being repaired it's not that fantabulous but still not bad. I expirenced huge signal interference there btw with DJI Mavic Mini

Cristina Cristina

An Orthodox Cathedral in Varna that's a MUST SEE objective. I came back this year and found it more beautiful, good preservation of the paintings, wo.. Read more »

Konstantin Vasilev

Probably the most iconic symbol of Varna, the cathedral is located on a hill that can be seen from many parts of the city including the pier. It has f.. Read more »

Lora Nielsen

Beautiful - outside and inside. Great Orthodox interior with multiple icons and drawings on the walls. If you are Christian do buy some candles at the.. Read more »

Sinan Şahin

The most important historical achitecture of the city. It doesn't seem so big from the outside but when you are in, you can see the right measure. The.. Read more »

Yousef Shukha

Loved the place - a very ancient beautiful church. Very calm inside. On entrance, there is a helpful lady that explains the time table for different m.. Read more »