Munich, Germany
5 / 5
The temple arose on the initiative of two Azam brothers, who were architects, sculptors and painters at the same time. This is one of the few historical sights, the appearance of which the Wittelsbach dynasty did not have a hand in. The brothers planned to use the church as a home chapel, but later, at the insistence of the people, it was open to all comers.
Address:Sendlinger Straße 32, München
Phone:+49 89 23687989


This church is incredibly beautiful and serene. You can sit inside for hours and not feel the time passing. Also, any photos taken here are permitted for personal use only.


So lavish and impressive. Also situated in an inconspicuous spot amongst other modern shops. Loved it!


This very small Cathedral offers a visual stimulation overload that will dumbfound the senses. The ornate craftsmanship and artistic religious murals rival the best cathedrals I've seen this side of Rome!


It's a really understated church, which is surprising considering its decor but unsurprising considering you walk up, look through bars at it, and leave. I insisted on coming here because I love Baroque architecture and while there's little to do, th.. Read more »


I went for participation in Mass, so I was not a tourist at that time, but it is beautiful to see. This church is very small. It has beautiful acoustics and the mass in Germany is still styled in the way of the German composers. The music suits the e.. Read more »


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