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Munich, Germany
5 / 5
The temple arose on the initiative of two Azam brothers, who were architects, sculptors and painters at the same time. This is one of the few historical sights, the appearance of which the Wittelsbach dynasty did not have a hand in. The brothers planned to use the church as a home chapel, but later, at the insistence of the people, it was open to all comers.
Address:Sendlinger Straße 32, München
Phone:+49 89 23687989

Johannes Bruno Gaiser

Pretty Rococo style small Church / Chapel.

Nasar Alam

One of the most beautiful church I have seen across EU. The interior was so beautiful and filled with great architecture. The ambience like any other .. Read more »

Tracy Sung

A beautiful small church that looks very unassuming from the outside. But it's a gorgeous and intricate example of a Baroque church. So flamboyant, so.. Read more »

James Gardiner

Incredible place. Amazing architecture and artistry.

Carlos Sarasola Orio

The most beautiful church interior in Munich. It’s compact size and the fact that was built by the architects themselves for their private use makes i.. Read more »


Old, very Catholic church with lots of ornaments. Very interesting for anyone who's familiar with church architecture and history.


It is a small church, but worth visiting for. Baroque style from 1770s

Hanna Lee

Amazing place. So much details in everywhere.

Cader 001

A small, unexpected jewel in Munich, free and worth a quick visit.

Samer Shoukry

Must see ...small but amazing church

Sébastien Bégaud-Bordier

Very beautiful baroque church. But it was closed the first time I came and the seconde time, only the first door was open. Therefore we could see only.. Read more »

Bart Van den Bosch

This was somewhat a surprise v in the middle of town a small church (more an oversized chapel) filled to the brim with rococo gone mad.

Duygu Yılmaz

Magnificient. The two brothers made good job inside. You should visit this place if you like sculpture and art.

Gary Seybold

An absolutely beautiful cathedral in the heart of Munich. You will not be able to actual go in to the cathedral unless you attend a service but you ca.. Read more »

Sarah Wright

The most visually stunning—and really overwhelming—small church I’ve ever visited. It was built as a private chapel for the Asam brothers, but long s.. Read more »

Mary Irving

I went for participation in Mass, so I was not a tourist at that time, but it is beautiful to see. This church is very small. It has beautiful acousti.. Read more »

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