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Arlington National Cemetery

Washington, USA
4.6 / 20
The cemetery where the soldiers who fell in the Civil War of 1861-1865 are buried. Over time, this place became the last refuge for several American presidents. J. Kennedy and his wife are buried here. The cemetery is located on a picturesque plain and attracts attention with orderly rows of white memorial plates. Each year, a solemn procession lays flowers on the graves.
Arlington National Cemetery
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joe morales

Was on vacation looking forward to seeing the cemetery. I’m a veteran And thought I’d pay my respects . I lost my wallet on vacation and couldn’t go.. Read more »

Tracy Perry

The tram ride was good could not of done the walk without it. But at the end they drop us off and would not let's us go back the way we came. We had 3.. Read more »

Rita Spillman-Bills

OMgosh, absolutely amazing. Heart wrenching to see how many have given their lives to protect the rights of the rest of us. Rows upon rows of white he.. Read more »

Sergeant R

I have visited here many times. Make sure you check out the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, JFK's grave, Freedman's Village, and so much more. Rest In P.. Read more »

Rich Simpson

1979 through 83 was a member of the military District of Washington 3rd Infantry division it provides all the funerals for everyone is buried in Arlin.. Read more »

Jamie Whitefield

Visiting Arlington National Cemetery was also a very humbling experience for me to see the grave markers of all the fallen who died serving our great .. Read more »

Katie Hergenrother

This place is very beautiful. The changing of the guards and the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier Is very neat and respectful. It's a really cool experienc.. Read more »

Zalia's Trips

Sacred and hallow grounds, beautiful cemetery with clean walking paths. JFK’s eternal flame is still burning. Make sure to bring water, as the visitor.. Read more »

Jessica Boyd (JB6849)

Beautiful and peaceful place to visit. My grandparents are buried there. It’s amazing to walk around bud rake in everything. Very serene and I actuall.. Read more »

Brandon Perkins

Arlington National Cemetery is a site you do not want to miss when visiting the Washington, DC area. The entire experience is very historic and spirit.. Read more »

Foxinko Foxový

This was one of the most amazing places I have visited while I was in the U.S. The most interesting part was the changing of guard from the 3rd Infant.. Read more »

Todd Darnell

Wreaths across America is just a great organization. I am a truck driver bringing wreaths to Arlington this year. Also a Navy Vet.

Andrew Marriott

It's a sobering thought when you visit Arlington see all the headstones and realize that war is futile but we must never forget those who gave their l.. Read more »

James Jakubowski

This place is massive and just goes to show you the impact war has on our country. Respectful views and walks through this area as well as a lot of hi.. Read more »

Tyler Grant

This is supposed to be a somber, memorable experience. For every kind, caring staff member we encountered, there were 3 that all but assaulted us for .. Read more »

Rich Ward

Hollowed ground. You cannot be thankful to be an American after walking these grounds, which is the final resting place for many soldiers who gave the.. Read more »

Mark Taylor

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Changing of the Guard Ceremony is a very spiritual experience. There is such a reverent spirit present as the .. Read more »

James Whyte

If you live in the Washington DC area or our planning to visit. I highly recommend you plan a visit to Arlington National Cemetery. I personally have .. Read more »

Ekaterina Filson

Beautiful historical cemetery! Very clean and well maintained. Open 365 days a year. There’s no admission fee for those who come to tour and pay their.. Read more »

Our Haunted Travels - PAN

Major love and respect for our Nation's Veteran's. We loved spending our time at Arlington and paying our respects and offer the following prayer.. ".. Read more »

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