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★ 4.7

Arco da Rua Augusta

Lisbon, Portugal
4.7 / 44
Address:Rua Augusta 2, Lisboa
Hours:monday: Open 24 hours tuesday: Open 24 hours wednesday: Open 24 hours thursday: Open 24 hours friday: Open 24 hours saturday: Open 24 hours sunday: Open 24 hours

A beautiful monument to the reconstruction of Lisbon. We paid a small fee (3€ each) to take the elevator up into the arch, then climbed a spiral stair.. Read more »
Once considered to be the gateway to the city of Lisboa... now a very important tourist attraction & place with multiple eateries & small shops... You.. Read more »
Such a beautiful place. It is a really big plaza and I loved the architecture. There are many places you can sit and enjoy tapas , beer or wine around.. Read more »
It’s a lovely and happening place with lots people playing their style of music. Sea front is also refreshing with a view. Lots of Colors which makes .. Read more »
This is such a unique place. The history can be felt in every single corner. There are no tickets to be bought. It’s an open street that ends with the.. Read more »
Arco da Rua Augusta is one of historical place to visit while you visit Lisbon. We went here the last time in June 2022. Pros: 1. The location is in .. Read more »
We loved it here, everything looks so beautiful in the sunshine! The yellow walls surrounding the square and the River Tagus is altogether so lovely. .. Read more »
One of the best places in Lisbon, Portugal. There is an entrance to the top of "Arco da Rua Augusta." I strongly recommend visiting it. There is a spe.. Read more »
Unique experience. Feel spirit of Portugal at place suggested by taxi driver. Must see, must feel this unique location at coast of the Atlantic Ocean .. Read more »
This beautiful gateway to Lisbon is located close to Terreiro do Paco metro. This looks outstanding just pay €3 euro to have the top view which looks .. Read more »
It is an arch doing exactly what one would expect it to do. As arches go, it certainly stands tall and proud. The arches of this world could learn a t.. Read more »
Nice archway that you can see from many places in the city. From this side it is the best. Take a couple of pictures and enjoy it presence then walk d.. Read more »
Cool spot to check out but despite all the cops there are so many drug dealers here it's insane. Some dude selling hashish next to cops walking around.. Read more »
Lovely plaza! Beautiful architecture to admire. The location is within walking distance of several attractions so it’s worth an afternoon to spend vis.. Read more »
This place is very nice and sweet. Absolutely should see. On the other hand some people of here sell drugs but they don’t disturb you. Despite everyth.. Read more »
This is an old monument with good views across Lisbon from the roof where some of the imposing statues can be seen close up. There is a clock and the .. Read more »
Fantastic spot, with life every corner you walk through. Art expositions, crafts sales, food, coffee shops and even in a busy day, still spacious for .. Read more »
I drive hot chocolate and I had a tea pot full. Also it was really good hot chocolate My friends had coffee and one had a second cup, it was that good.. Read more »
Super. Really nice entry way to the main street or onto the river. The clock gave good time too.
Very nice spot to look out over the city. I've been up here a few times over the last number of years and always pretty nice. The traffic light system.. Read more »
Gorgeous view of the sea and the city. You can go to the top of the arch for 3 euro. Recommended!
It can get very very hot so be prepared. Otherwise nice square to gather up/ watch people. Get to and from places.
Great view especially during sunset. I think many people do not know how to climb the arch. It costs 3 Euros.
It’s a beautiful arch and historic plaza. I love imagining the people before me strolling down this road. It IS very crowded and full of vendors ready.. Read more »
This whole area is amazing. The monuments here along with the Arch and the square itself is wonderful, make sure you visit
Its an historical place people gather here in many festivals and there is river side also here yeah a good place to spend afternoon time with friends .. Read more »
Rua-Augusta Arch is a historic stone building resembling the Triumphal Arch, dedicated to the reconstruction of the city after the earthquake (1755 ye.. Read more »
Nice square, nice views, it worths to walk around...
A beautiful archway entering the city centre
Really Awesome place. I like this place for time spending. ??
Nice big open area down by the water. Cafés are a bit expensive here because there are a lot of tourists.
Arco da Rua Augusta in Lisbon, regardless of the time you visit it, is absolutely splendid. The quiet evening was accompanied by ambient music that ke.. Read more »
Splendid! The Rua Augusta Arch is a stone, triumphal arch-like, historical building and visitor attraction in Lisbon, Portugal, on the Praça do Comérc.. Read more »
Even if it's almost December, this place is still stunning
A beautiful place to visit follow us on instagram: Jordi_martijn_traveling for more beautiful pictures of our trips!
Nice square nice view of the sea.. and shops all around.. Nice place to take a pic to say you are here in Lisbon
As arches go. Very good
Did you know you can go to the top of this arch and see Lisbon from there? It costs only 3€ euros. Must see!
Very impressive, beautiful view!
Visited a few years ago on a cruise stop. We enjoyed Lisbon much more than we expected.
Beautiful but very touristy and a ton of "Tuk Tuk" Drivers begging you to go on a tour.
A must-see site in Lisbon, and thankfully it's one you can't really miss. Encarved on the Arch are four key figures in Portuguese history, and the Arc.. Read more »
This magnificent Arch is one of the most emblematic tourist attractions in Lisbon and after going there I understood why so pretty. I loved it during.. Read more »
Lovely arc. You can't miss it if you visit Lisbon. Lots of places around to have a drink and eat something and great atmosphere. We walked through it .. Read more »