Archaeological Museum

Varna, Bulgaria
4.4 / 5
The museum’s collection is considered one of the largest in Bulgaria, as it contains more than 50 thousand copies. On the area of 2 thousand m² there is a scientific library, exhibition hall, archive and classrooms. Part of the exhibition is exhibited in the courtyard. Of the unique exhibits - a collection of gold products, which was discovered in the Varna Necropolis. Experts believe that his age is more than 6 thousand years.
Archaeological Museum

The museum is well laid out, starting one in the earliest of times and walking up through successive ages, all with local finds. Along with the most ancient of golden jewelry, the thought that all these artifacts came from right around Varna is amazi.. Read more »


Lovely museum, probably the BEST place in the whole world to see the oldest crafted gold found on our Planet (as of 2019) exhibited.


This place is huge, and there are two floors. I had a heavy bag with me and this made it a difficult experience but the exhibits are fascinating. Most text is available in both Bulgarian and English, there is some French and German but not a lot. Als.. Read more »


Very informative presentations on the history of Varna, from pre-historic to Christian times.


Just a few room interested (only my opinion), 10 lava/ person for the ticket.


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