Arch of Constantine

Rome, Italy
4.8 / 5
The Arc de Triomphe, erected by Emperor Constantine in honor of the victory in the civil war over the troops of his rival Marcus Aurelius Valery Maxentius. It was under Constantine that Christianity became the official religion (the ruler believed that God himself helped him to come to power), the capital of the Empire was transferred to Constantinople, and Rome gradually began to lose its former power and decline.
Arch of Constantine
Arch of Constantine
Arch of Constantine
Address:Via di San Gregorio, Roma
Phone:+39 06 0608


A real wonder waiting to be admired. Stand in it's shade and look at all the detailed depictions carved in stone. The arch itself is closed of so you can't walk under it, but you get to admire ours glory from a few meters away. Beware of pickpockets .. Read more »


The arch is massive and well maintained still. I wish they gave you more room to take better photos and appreciate it at all angles. Photos as of February 2020.


rite next to the colosseum and amazing at night. truly breathtaking the engineering that seeps through while looking up at this


Beautiful place and amazing sculptures on that arch, staring at it for while makes you feel travelling back in time. Very well preserved !


Amazing iconic Arch of Costantino in the Heart of Rome!! ❤️??


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