Arc de Triomphe

Paris, France
4.8 / 10
Architectural monument in the Charles de Gaulle square. The construction of the monument began in 1806 on the orders of Napoleon Bonaparte after the victory of the French in the Battle of Austerlitz. The work was completed after the death of the emperor in 1936. The arch was built by architect Jean Schalgren. On four sides, the monument is decorated with sculptural groups that are dedicated to military victories and the achievements of the French Revolution.
Arc de Triomphe
Arc de Triomphe
Address:Place Charles de Gaulle, Paris
Phone:+33 1 55 37 73 77
Hours:monday: 10:00–23:00 tuesday: 10:00–23:00 wednesday: 10:00–23:00 thursday: 10:00–23:00 friday: 10:00–23:00 saturday: 10:00–23:00 sunday: 10:00–23:00


You should definitely see it and sit in the center and watch Parisian drivers navigate on the round-a-bout. If you climb to the top, I'd recommend the night view. Since Paris is a low built city, the night view from the Arc is much better than from t.. Read more »


This is an amazing and very iconic monument. A must see for everybody that comes to Paris. Such an important location, with so many amazing views from it’s top. My favorite thing was to see the ever burning fire in its base in honor to the unknown so.. Read more »


If you have museum pass ticket, also can get inside for see the Paris view. Nice spot. Oh ! Really a lot of stairs if you go upstairs. Climb climb climb


To be honest I was not excited to see this monument on the day I was to go. That day I was having a very difficult time; and seeing this helped me feel better. It was amazing! I would recommend it! Even if you might not feel up to it; drag yourself t.. Read more »


This gorgeous monument dedicated to the armies of France by Napoleon upon return from a successful siege is a crown jewel of France. Gorgeous architecture and stone, names of generals etched in and a 360 view from the top (100 something stairs high) .. Read more »


Beautiful, majestic, and a must visit landmark in Paris! The carvings are very intricate, and there are 4 big ones on the faces of the legs of the arch. I highly recommend going up, though the climb is up and down a narrow spiralling staircase (thoug.. Read more »


It's a really cool piece of history that just sits there on a roundabout! I highly recommend visiting this monument and going up it. It's a lot of steps to get up there but the view will be worth it. Nice gift shop and tourist information is at hand... Read more »


This beautiful monument to generations of French soldiers did not disappoint. I’ve wanted to visit this monument for so many years and finally had my chance. Now, don’t laugh, because this is a serious comment. I was visiting from the United States. .. Read more »


One of my favorite experiences. I especially loved walking to the top of it and was amazed to get a 360 degree view of the city of Paris to include of course the Eiffel Tower. Absolutely amazing and a must see and experience!


This is a must visit spot on any ones Paris Trip. Architecture is majestic. So many roads meet here. When you go up using the spiral stair case, you can spectacular view of Paris. You can also see Eiffel Tower from the top.


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