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Aqueduto das Aguas Livres

Lisbon, Portugal
4.3 / 26
The aqueduct was erected in the first half of the 17th century and survived during the earthquake of 1755. It is still included in the city’s existing water supply system. The arches of the aqueduct reach a height of 60 meters. Until the middle of the XIX century it was possible to walk on it, however, it was decided to close the passage due to frequent suicides. Nowadays, an aqueduct can be a tour in an organized group.
Address:Calçada da Quintinha 6, Lisboa
Phone:+351 21 810 0215

Giuseppe Trieste

You can spend a nice hour here I think. The entry fee ticket is 4€ (2€ for students) and you get to do a nice walk back and forth along the aqueduct a.. Read more »

Alej Ozfer

I went on Sunday, visited for free and spent an hour approximately. A beautiful place to visit with nice views all around. I recommend to check the op.. Read more »

Claudia Hoppe

It's great to visit the aquaeductus and enjoy the view. Though it's a bit of a bummer that you can't really get off the other end and continue your st.. Read more »

Julie Renalds

This is my #1 to do in Lisbon when friends and family come to visit. How often can you walk on an aqueduct? You can walk over 35 arches 1km. Spectacul.. Read more »

Andre Hamel

Such a great walk with views spoiled by so many cyclists circulating on a narrow path. Worst part is walkers must pay 2 euros but cyclists don't. No r.. Read more »

Pedro Zanetti

At the ticket's office my friend and I had been informed the audio guides were all broken. Also, the payment card machines were not functioning so onl.. Read more »

Sergejs Bižāns

Nice view over the city. Please be aware that it is not the place you would like yo visit on cloudy or foggy days as the view is actually only thing t.. Read more »

Eric Paylor

It's quite an experience to walk out along such a wonderful national monument. But don't go if you are afraid of heights.

Brian Hall

Interesting place to visit. If you walk down the street beside it you can get some pics from below. Well worth it.

António J. R. Neves

Definitely deserves a visit! An impressive structure with a very interesting story! The views from the city already also interesting.

Stefan Purkhart

Great quick stop on our rode trip. The road actually goes through the aqueduct at one point so it is also worth just driving by.

Aline Corsino

Amazing views. Very interesting history. A must-see place in Lisbon.

Kamal D

Only 4€ to go in and they offer a student discount. It’s a long walk to get it all done. They had a turnaround half way through though


Amazing! You can visit very old aquaduct. There is museum of water there. I have visited it in " corona time", and therefore it is not possible to hav.. Read more »

Phil Weingrow

A brief but wonderful visit back in time. To walk on the aqueduct so high above the valley gave us a perspective we’d never otherwise have. Knowing th.. Read more »

Sean Yan

Nice views of Abril 25 bridge and Christ Redeemer.

Elia Bergamin

It's just a walk along the aqueduct. Fortunately I didn't pay the ticket, but I don't think it's worth it.


Amazing! You can visit very old aquaduct. There is museum of water there. I have visited it in " corona time", and therefore is not possible to have a.. Read more »

Guilherme Baron

There are seasons where the aqueduct is open for visiting and is amazing. The view is stunning

Maxim Ross

The Aqueduto das Águas Livres is quite an amazing sight when you're driving along the highway and it comes into view.

Matilde Silva

Beautiful view and such an interesting guided visit.

Yonathan Stein

I've seen only outside. it's a nice aqueduct, quite big, long and very interesting. The airplanes are always flying above it to land, so you can see t.. Read more »

Sarah Arsenault

Beautiful long walk in a great residential neighborhood.

Ralf Pirle

Great view but nothing else to see

erce amet

Quite a nice view but I'd suggest to check each side of it.


€4 entrance. We arrived at almost closing time, the guy was nice to let us in anyway but no discounts given ?. Long walk and ok view but once you’ve b.. Read more »

Pete Donaldson

The museum is open 10:00 to 17:30 from Tuesday to Sunday. Some good views from on the aqueduct and from a bit away. A 1km walk and incredibly free of .. Read more »

Radek Mezuláník

Nice aquaduct, you can go on it, but it's better just to see it from distance

Natalie Daz

Construction started in 1731 and was completed in 1834. On November 1st, 1755, the 1755 Lisbon earthquake hit the city, but the aqueduct managed to re.. Read more »

Shade Cassidy

Tranquil atmosphere. Off the beaten track so not crowded with tourists. Interesting architecture, particularly getting a chance to see the interior wh.. Read more »

Michael Lamb

Historically significant and unique. It looks like they are in the process of adding information speakers. For now you have to do your own research.