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Antalya Museum

Antalya, Turkey
4.9 / 23
Among the largest repositories of artifacts in the world. It has its history since 1919. The museum building covers an area of 7 thousand m2, consists of 13 rooms. Located in Konyaalti. The visitors are presented 5 thousand exhibits. But most of them, about 25-30 thousand units, are stored in storage, because there is not enough free space to place them. Among the most interesting halls are Prehistoric, Children’s, Halls of gods, emperors, mosaics, Hall of burial culture.
Address:Bahçelievler, Konyaaltı Caddesi No:88
Phone:+90 242 238 56 89
Hours:monday: 08:30–19:00 tuesday: 08:30–19:00 wednesday: 08:30–19:00 thursday: 08:30–19:00 friday: 08:30–19:00 saturday: 08:30–19:00 sunday: 08:30–19:00

Excellent museum with detailed displays. I especially loved the elaborate coffins! The little house displays of daily life was charming. And it is the.. Read more »
This is my first museum in Antalya. In the museum, there were a number of magnificent Ancient Greek Statues and Artifacts from the ancient era, includ.. Read more »
Second time here and first time with my 10 year old. He enjoyed it. It is just the right size museum and has a world class collection. Stunning qualit.. Read more »
Very nice museum with numbers of exhibits. The exhibitions are made with very nice ideas. We spent there about 1.5 hour. We are delighted. The garden .. Read more »
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A really great museum. Just the right size so as not to feel overloaded. But at the same time really well laid out with very interesting artefacts. I'.. Read more »
I think that this museum has to be one of the best I've seen. The cost to enter was 55TL and with audio another 35 TL, an incredible bargain for what .. Read more »
This was the best museum we visited while in Turkey. They have a really nice collection. Much larger and varied than you might expect. By looking at .. Read more »
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The museum is located at the end of the tram line - made it easy to get there. If you have the time, it was also a walkable distance away - if you lik.. Read more »
I would say almost as impressive as the Athens museum, which says a lot. They have a terrific inventory of statues and I especially enjoyed the coin e.. Read more »
This is low-key the best museum in Turkey. Abundance of important historical artifacts with fairly detailed descriptions. Probably they could organize.. Read more »
Beautiful museum displaying main theme of Turkish history dating back to centuries ago!! Beautiful stone carved working displayed!! Currencies of Otto.. Read more »
Excellent museum!! Amazing finds! Takes at least 2 hours to do it right, if not 3. Definitely pay for the audio tour. I loved it!
One of my top places to visit in Antalya! The museum’s collection has a variety of different items dating from prehistoric to Ottoman times. Particula.. Read more »
Didn't had any expectations when I went but was in love with the status and stories. I do take the audio guides and did learn a lot... was not aware w.. Read more »
Such a great surprise! This museum is better and bigger than expected. It has beau told pieces and rooms BUT not enough explanations (even less in En.. Read more »
I was happily surprised by this museum. It has everything from the Stone Age until the Ottoman era. Also gives information about the surrounding citie.. Read more »
It's worth visiting as many monuments and tombs are shown. Kids love the statues as well as peacocks in the garden. Worth checking but an hour is enou.. Read more »
The first stone age rooms are low key and them BAM! You enter the statue zone. The open air exhibit has live peacocks and chickens roaming. I didn't .. Read more »
Splendid display of antiquities. The statuary incredible. I really enjoyed the paleo artifacts including Neanderthal era. Much of the marble stonew.. Read more »
Very good spot to get some historical insights on archaeological areas around Antalya. Interesting ancient sculptures hall. I would recommend to take .. Read more »
Definitely check this place out for the several rooms of statues. You should go this museum. The statues of emperors like Trajan and Hadrian are so li.. Read more »
Amazing, spacious and modern museum with beautiful statues, coins and more. There is AC in every room and plenty of seating areas. The gift shop is ex.. Read more »
It is a must-see museum with magnificent sculptures. It contains very valuable works about the ancient history of Antalya. The sculptures are incredib.. Read more »
Definitely check this place out for the several rooms of statues. The statues of emperors like Trajan and Hadrian are so lifelike. They're also huge. .. Read more »
Beautiful museum with quite a great collections of sarcophagus and antique marble sculpture. The statue of a dancing woman made in two sorts of marble.. Read more »
This museum is a must visit when coming to Antalya. I was impressed at every turn. Come Sunday morning to beat the crowd. Take your time and admire th.. Read more »
Mindblowing! The answer to the mystery of Venus de Milo is right in front of our eyes! She's holding a shield!!
One of my top places to visit in Antalya! The museum’s collection has a variety of different items dating from prehistoric to the Ottoman times. Parti.. Read more »
very interesting for visit especially after going to Perge. because a lot of exhibits from there
I was not expecting to see so many awesome statues in this place. Went in expecting somewhat small museum, but was plesently surprised
Nice museum. But our guide was not very eloquent
I was perfect, of course. If you are in Antalya, this MUSEUM is a must!