Antalya Museum

Antalya, Turkey
4.8 / 9
Among the largest repositories of artifacts in the world. It has its history since 1919. The museum building covers an area of 7 thousand m2, consists of 13 rooms. Located in Konyaalti. The visitors are presented 5 thousand exhibits. But most of them, about 25-30 thousand units, are stored in storage, because there is not enough free space to place them. Among the most interesting halls are Prehistoric, Children’s, Halls of gods, emperors, mosaics, Hall of burial culture.
Antalya Museum
Address:Bahçelievler, Konyaaltı Caddesi No:88
Phone:+90 242 238 56 89
Hours:monday: 08:30–19:00 tuesday: 08:30–19:00 wednesday: 08:30–19:00 thursday: 08:30–19:00 friday: 08:30–19:00 saturday: 08:30–19:00 sunday: 08:30–19:00


One of the best museums that I have ever seen. They have got tons and tons of coins, statues, you name it and I really needed two days to go through the whole thing. It has a nice AC going on and the staff are very well mannered. A paradise for histo.. Read more »


Huge museum. The number of sculptures was especially impressive. Many signs were in English, so you can still learn even if you don't speak Turkish. The layout of the museum is so that you can see the artifacts in a chronological order and won't feel.. Read more »


Interesting museum about the ancient of the region of Antalya. You can see many well-preserved excavation finds from several centuries. Impressive.


The place is really large, full of different eras artifacts. Will kept. Nice design. Easily reached by public transportation. It would take lots of time to finish walking around this place, and you wouldn't get bored. Outside, in the garden the displ.. Read more »


An amazing collection of Greek and Roman sculpture from regional archaeological sites plus information about earlier civilizations. Easy to reach by tram. Inexpensive.


I love this museum. It was an amazing experience. The staff members are very kind and friendly. The tickets cost only 36 Turkish liras. Amazing value for what you see inside. They have moved the etnographic part to another one, though. Highly recomme.. Read more »


Well worth the visit. Spent a few hours going round the various exhibitions. The amount of statues in the building is mind-boggling.


Just great!!! Excellent collection of marble Roman statues. Don't forget to take at least 1 audio guide (even if there is more than 1 person in your company).


Truly the richest (in many ways) museum I’ve ever been to. Highly recommended, especially if you’re interested in ancient culture!


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