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Ankara, Turkey
5 / 5
Address:Mebusevleri Mahallesi
Phone:+90 312 231 28 05


The place is located in a very beautiful place on top of a higher ground. Whole building and it's premises are very well maintained and cared for. The.. Read more »

Barbara Hável

If you ever made it to Ankara, Turkey. You must visit this important place where they have buried Ataturk. ? So much respect and amazing place. Loved .. Read more »

Hassan Mubarak

An excellent historical representation of modern Turkey, the battles to achieve independence, restructure Turkish life and of course a massive history.. Read more »

Ron van Bruchem

Very impressive mausoleum where many people go to pay tribute to the founder. It is a beautiful place with guards, a souvenir shop, a cafeteria and tw.. Read more »

Orhun Unsal

Amazing experience visiting the museum & masoleum of the founder of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. It was so cool to see so many young people visiting.. Read more »

Caglar FER

High level precious location in Ankara in Turkey. Especially for Turkish or who knows to Ataturk in the world. If you are in Ankara, you should visit .. Read more »

Sezgin Demirez

I can spend my whole day here. I want to thank the government and individuals responsible for this breathtaking museum. You really get a deep understa.. Read more »

Rahat Life

This is an awe inspiring place! Basically, it is the mausoleum and final resting place of Ataturk!. History buffs beware: You'll need at least three t.. Read more »

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