Anchiskhati Basilica

Tbilisi, Georgia
4.7 / 9
The church was built in the VI century by Tsar Dacha Ujarmeli, it is the oldest temple of Georgia, dating to the present day (taking into account the reconstruction and destruction of the XV-XVII centuries). During the USSR, the territory of the temple was adapted to a museum of folk crafts and art workshops. Now one of Georgia's best choirs performs in Anchishhati Church. The building also houses valuable icons.
Anchiskhati Basilica
Anchiskhati Basilica
Anchiskhati Basilica
Address:11 Ioane Shavteli Street, Tbilisi


Oldest surviving church in Tbilisi. The church itself is small but full of history and Orthodox artifacts. The church is located along the main walking route through Tbilisi’s old city. Worth a visit.


One of the most beautiful churches in Tbilisi - here you feel the authentic spirit of ancient Christianity, even though most of the frescoes are gone. Don't miss the wonderful choir of the church - every Saturday afternoon


The atmosphere is amazing- try to get there between the tourist groups - to feel and enjoy


This is the oldest church in the whole Tbilisi. Despite the basilica is ondergoing some renovation on the interior, one can really enjoy the quiet and calm atmosphere of the church. We've bought an hand painted, authentic icon in the booth inside at .. Read more »


Important location for Georgian history. Recomended to come with a guide


This place is pretty old and beautiful. In the center of old town in Tbilisi. As a kid I used to play here, in the garden. Small but full of history. Small pearl of town.


3 stars average, In the Church I heard the sound of broken heater. it was pretty warm inside and smells good. A bit dark and light of candle made me something strange mood. ceil of church was amazing, I felt history from it. This church was built the.. Read more »


Special. Buy your icons from here, or any church actually, at better than Street prices and it will help for the restorations.


Literally means ‘icon of Anchi’ though the local owner of the souvenir shop next door tells me that it is the ‘icon of Tbilisi’. Impressive history and the oldest church in Tbilisi!


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