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All Saints Church

Minsk, Belarus
4.4 / 7
All Saints Church
Address:вуліца Каліноўскага 121, Мінск
Phone:+375 17 385-91-62

Andrei Pashkov

Amazing, when we got inside we were speechless how beautiful it was. You have to see it

Dize Devrim

Big church. However, everything looks too new. It does not give the feeling of a historical place.

Angela Mazzeo

Absolutely beautiful and very prayerful place.

Hoosain Narker

On coming from the airport to our hotel, we passed this very noticeable church with gold decorated spires and rooftops. My attention was immediately a.. Read more »

Huub Grispen

Beautiful but new cathedral. Clearly a prestigious project of the master boss.

Jakub Jílek

Majestic church with spectacular interior

G L Littleton

Beautiful. Massive ornamental church. I don't understand it! Seems there is no area for people to sit and listen to the priest. Only people standing a.. Read more »

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