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All Saints' Antim Monastery

Bucharest, Romania
4.9 / 16
The current monastery, named after its founder, Metropolitan Antim Iviryanu. The monastery was built on the site of a wooden church in 1713-15. From the end of the 18th century, a priestly school began to operate at the monastery. In the middle of the 20th century, all monks were arrested, and the monastery itself was dissolved. The restoration was carried out in the 60s. thanks to the initiative of the hierarchs of the Romanian church.
Address:Strada Mitropolit Antim Ivireanul 29, București
Phone:+40 31 417 8078

Zarko Markovski

One of Bucharest most significant monuments of spiritual and national importance

Mihai B

I just found out about this Monastery. Relaxing place in the middle of a noisy city.

Birnaz Valeriu

Pretty nice church , maintained pretty well , the toilets are not so well maintained, also there is a problem with parking , many residence parking s.. Read more »

Vintila Paul

One of the most beautiful, relaxing and mind filling paces in Bucharest.

Edgardo Gallardo

Interesting historic ortodox catholic monastery, now a museum.

Corina Mihailescu

A hidden gem within the modern city. Beautiful church, loaded with history and well preserved. A historical monument you should visit.

Alexandru Mnohoghitnei

Historical place with beautiful orthodox architecture

Total Paprika 25

Is a old church. If do you wan't to be with the God there is the perfect place for the ortodox people.

Andrei Ghitescu

A church with a heavy historic load, a great church for a silent prayer

nadia nat

Amazing place,very clean,relics,icons,priests wonderful! A must see objective!

Ion Anton

Historical Monastery, a lot of clerks and beautiful religious processions.

Daniel Andronic

Great place to see for people who are passionate about history and religion.

Victor Ous

It is a miracle that wasn't destroyed during communism regime.

Marius Daniel

A wonderful experience which transports you back in time, a legacy of past times when faith and traditional culture were at its best

Георгий Титов

It may seem as if you (a tourist) are not welcomed here; the whole place really looks completely authentic and unspoilt with tourists, but it doesn't .. Read more »

Gabriel-Viorel Craciun

Nice, old and small church to visit with lots of history!

alex black

Beautiful architecture. Hidden gem of Bucharest. Very peaceful at the same time. Having walls surrounding the monastery makes you feel like you arrive.. Read more »

Sorin Vlad

A nice monastery in the middle of the city

Yonathan Stein

Cool if you want to take pics and stay for 5min, just a quicky sightseeing.