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All-Russian Exhibition Center

Moscow, Russia
4.9 / 9
A large park area in the North-East of the capital with numerous exhibition pavilions, well-groomed alleys, fountains, cafes, concert venues. VDNH is one of the most popular weekend destinations for citizens. Here you can visit the oceanarium, the historic pavilion, innovative exhibitions, farmers' markets, a theater and even a "port" with a pool and a beach. At VDNH there are many cyclists, skaters and other athletes.
All-Russian Exhibition Center
Address:проспект Мира, 119, Москва
Phone:+7 495 544-34-00
Hours:monday: Open 24 hours tuesday: Open 24 hours wednesday: Open 24 hours thursday: Open 24 hours friday: Open 24 hours saturday: Open 24 hours sunday: Open 24 hours

Mimi Kalandarova

Be ready to walk a lot!!! Food and souvenirs are quite expensive here. Nevertheless this place is worth seeing because of it's beautiful buildings and.. Read more »

Vasily Kupreev

First of all it's huge. The full circle is about 8 km. and you shouldn't be disappointed. There are many pavilions dedicated to ex Soviet republics, b.. Read more »

Jenny Stones

It was nice a quiet when we visited. They were setting up the ice rink ready for winter. I imagine it would be quite nice to there on a snowy day, tak.. Read more »

Alessandro Paiva

One of the most amazing places in Moscow! The magnificence of each building showcases what every soviet country was about in terms of agriculture and .. Read more »

Evgeniya Pugacheva

The most popular Moscow's exhibition, including more than fifty exhibition pavilions. There is a large area with gardens and bikes paths, has a lot ca.. Read more »


Adorable place to walk around! There are so many beautiful fountains around! Plane and rocket models thrill children and adults, they're incredible))


It's hard to describe the extent of the gradeur and nationalism embodied in this most excessive and beautiful of places in Moscow. I imagine somehow a.. Read more »

Denis Pisarev

Getting better, but still some places are in mess, some are still belonging to private owners, like one castle on a lake, disgusting buildings with ca.. Read more »

Nhatz Mania Igorota

It's a standing remembrance during the Soviet Union time. It is a historical place. I've got to see the beautiful building designs from tue different .. Read more »

Roman Titov

Big Park with a lot Soviet culture architecture, fountains, alleys, cafes, amusement machines, entertainments. A lot space to work, or ride a bike or .. Read more »

Hesham AJ

Good place to visit. It has many locations and nice views. It's good to know Russian language or have someone who knows, in order to get the benifit.. Read more »

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