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Berlin, Germany
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The area where at the beginning of the XIX century Kaiser Wilhelm III received Emperor Alexander I. The place was named in honor of the Russian monarch. On the square there is a town hall, a modern TV tower, a fountain of Friendship of Peoples. Until the XVII century there was a market and a place for the execution of criminals.

Alexanderplatz (Alexander square) is a square and transport hub in central Berlin. The square is in the Mitte district and near the river Spree and Be.. Read more »
Large area with lots to look at. I walked around with my partner for a few hours in the drizzle through markets, shopping centres, and pop up food sta.. Read more »
The place is good for public attraction and you can expect an awesome night life as well. Connectivity is great. The only problem which I faced is of .. Read more »
It is a place that has an incredible visuality with its magnificent architecture. I think it is a fascinating tower that should definitely be visited,.. Read more »
Alexanderplatz in Berlin is a lively and wonderful place ❤️ Everything is close and available ☕??? Cafes, restaurants, tourist buses and all transport.. Read more »
Bit of a market and beer garden there. Lots of shops if you enjoy shopping but I think there are nicer parts of the city to stay.
Alexanderplatz ! Shopping Destination with 100 Brand Shops and food Chain with full Crowd than other part of City. Also Good for Window Shopping ?I vi.. Read more »
A transportation hub that is very well connected to the other parts of Berlin. The TV tower is a landmark of the square and the city as well. Many ret.. Read more »
Not pretty in a classical sense, but distinct and lively centre of Berlin. Tons of history, interesting architecture and lots of life around. Also, Wa.. Read more »
A very lively place to spend time. Being a first time visiter, The vibe in this centre was pretty intense. The place have all connection possible pub.. Read more »
It is the center of Berlin. When we were there l, they had a lovely Christmas market. The plaster is easily accessible by train through Alexander Plat.. Read more »
Best place and the central place to chill. Pretty much you can get anything here. While it's where the Christmas Market is . It's stunning during wint.. Read more »
One of the most visited squares in Berlin. On this visit, we went to the Christmas Market at Alexanderplatz. Really festive market—lots of Christmas C.. Read more »
At this time it is getting ready for Christmas. It is one of the most happening place of Berlin. Well connected. It’s highlight its iconic tower. The .. Read more »
Super cool area with lots to do, food and drink,, and plenty of people watching. Was here mainly to catch a movie, but you can feel a very active soci.. Read more »
It's a vibrant place of entire Berlin. My university was near to Alexanderplatz and I love this place. Its always crowded, especially weekends are ver.. Read more »
It is not a tourist trap as check- point Charley, but there is nothing really special about it. Move away from it radially several streets and it gets.. Read more »
Last time I was there in 1987. Lots has changed. But with respect for history some very valuable sites have been preserved. Absolutely a must go to pl.. Read more »
Very nice back to the past experience. Not just for the impression, but also for the hands on on those good old controllers and arcade games. I had mu.. Read more »
You can find nice restaurants here to hangout with friends , tons of shops for random shopping needs. Random people playing music. It's quite nice for.. Read more »
A great place to visit to just witness Berlin living and breathing. So many interesting little nooks around Alexanderplatz and surrounds. Definitely a.. Read more »
I love Berlin My cousins took me there. It was so fun and nice I can't see Better❤️Go There you won't regret
Around Alexanderplatz, there are tall, beautiful and historical buildings. It’s an amazing location for your pictures and videos. The view at night i.. Read more »
It is the central square of Berlin. It is very nice, here you feel the real pulse of the city. Exceptional ambience. There are many shops and restaura.. Read more »
I think the most famous place in berlin. It have some good restaurants and very tasty street food also. You can see very good crowds in evenings. I.. Read more »
Very beautiful square. In a the center of the city, circled by so many monuments and sight seeing. The fountains are fabulous at night. It's also got .. Read more »
An amazing place, restaurants, theatre's and so much more. Easy to reach and home of the Berlin TV Tower
One of the most happening place of Berlin. It's covid time and because of that limited crowd but for lively atmosphere and to spend wonderful evening,.. Read more »
I think it's beautiful to watch and enjoy the only thing is that there are a lot of people who come to you asking for money, which is okay but just ye.. Read more »
Once the center of East Berlin, the capital of the demised German Democratic Republic, Alexanderplatz is still a center in Berlin and also still carri.. Read more »
Very nice back to the past experience. Not just for the impression, but also for the hands on on those good old controllers and arcade games. I had mu.. Read more »
This place is worth to see for everyone
I once loved Alexanderplatz, like 6 years ago. It was my favorite place to just walking around while do a little shopping or having some snacks or mee.. Read more »