Aladzha Monastery

Varna, Bulgaria
4.4 / 5
The 12th century rocky Orthodox monastery, currently in ruins. It is known that from the 4th century Christian hermits lived in the catacombs. The monastery lasted until the end of the XIV century, until it was destroyed by the Ottomans, but the monks continued to inhabit the caves for another four hundred years. Before, almost all grottoes were decorated with frescoes, but today they remained only in the monastery chapel.
Aladzha Monastery

Really unique opportunity to see the remnants of a monastery set in limestone cliffs. We spent about an hour here which includes a short walk through the Forrest to the catacombs. (make sure you have mosquito repellent!) Easy to find and park. Entr.. Read more »


Really liked this place. Really calm atmosphere and fascinating history. A small map would have been good. Got a taxi from our hotel which was a fixed price for all hotels and he was waiting for us to take us back. Amazing to think of people living i.. Read more »


Great historical site. Entrance fee is around 5 Lev. (or around 2€ or so). There is also botanical garden and small museum. Worth seeing while visiting Golden Sands. It takes around 1-1,5h to see all things. If you want You can hike there from city c.. Read more »


When you go on your own, then there's a lot missing information. Small place, but if you want you can sit and watch others climb up the stairs. I think it's more interesting with a guide. Ticket was 5 leva for an adult. I saw 5 cats there, so that wa.. Read more »


Great place to visit if interested in historical tourism


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