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Airport Burgas

Burgas, Bulgaria
2.6 / 9
Airport Burgas
Phone:+359 56 870 248

Svetlin Staykov

The museum of aviation is very interesting. Recommend to visit and enjoy it

Kamil Sulima

Worst Airport I've ever been! Long lines, extremely rude employees. Xray machine was dirty and they've ruined my new stroller. When I complained, empl.. Read more »

Михайло Литвиненко

Average airport. Not to big, not to small. They offer free WiFi. There are a couple of duty free shops, a café and McDonald's.

Vesselin Petrov

The most expensive airport I've ever been to, 2 euro for .5 cl of water also the food is expensive. They will usher you out under the scorching sun 1/.. Read more »

Mesut Vatansever

Immigration officer was incredibly rude. Swore at myself and my mother at why I couldn't speak Bulgarian. I speak four languages.. not all the officer.. Read more »

ирина карпенко

Disgusting, unprofessional service at Burgas airport. Rough treatment when inspecting carry-on luggage, took away an expensive plastic bottle without .. Read more »


Overpriced food and drinks. Much cheaper to get basics such as water from the airplane. Staff rude and unprofessional


Nice small airport clse to the beach. If you want to stay next to seaside and feel local life instead of going to the Sunny Beach the city of hotels t.. Read more »

Milena Kostadinova

Very expensive airport comparing to the prices in the town( comparing also to other airports.). MacDonald also very expensive- big taste and triple ch.. Read more »

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