Boryspil Airport

Boryspil, Ukraine
4.3 / 10
Boryspil Airport
Boryspil Airport


The airport has great staff because all of them try to help you. I accidentally lost my wallet just before waiting for my departure plane but information desk staff and border guards helped me to find my wallet and get on my plane on time. I apprecia.. Read more »


Spacious, cozy and clean airport


I have got positive experience of visiting Kyiv Bpryspil International Airport. Pros: tidy, easy navigation, friendly staff. Cons: lack of amenities for wheel-chair users in the shuttle bus between the terminals. Also we did not found drinking water .. Read more »


Still not Finished till now. It’s still on building. A lots of the dutyfree shops are closed but it looks already better then few years ago. Nice service. Kind and friendly personnel. Good connection to City Center via train and buses. Gut connection.. Read more »


Pleasantly surprised by how well organised the airport is, the infrastructure is great and the bathrooms very clean. Decent shopping options. Food options can be improved but overall not a bad place to spend a few hours of your layover.


It's good airport the service accepted but i think it need improvements and the Internet free but not the best. the workers in airport so kind you will not have a problem with them. if you know Russian it will be better to talk with them andask for .. Read more »


Terminal F F1-F8 gates intensely smell like cigarette smoke due to the smokIng room not being sealed at all, it has a huge gap between the door and the ceiling as well as a gap under the door which lets all the cigarette smoke inside the gate area. T.. Read more »


Very nice small enough for the city and nice country. That language is very beautiful problem. Because no one can understand you. And you talk by yourself. Or bye Google Translate


Nice Clean Airport with friendly people. Toilets were amazingly super clean and functional. Needs more kiosks and services to be added to make it a World Class Hub but in the meantime I'm going to enjoy this little known secret for my trips ... befor.. Read more »


Fast and convenient. Border control and bag delivery after arrival was the fastest I ever experienced in my life


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