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Acropolis of Athens

Athens, Greece
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The Acropolis is the heart of Athens, an ancient city where civilization was born thousands of years ago, giving rise to the entire modern Western world. The architectural ensemble of the Acropolis includes the buildings of the pre-Hellenistic, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman period of the history of Athens. Of greatest interest are the partially preserved walls and columns of ancient temples and theaters. The complex of the Acropolis of Athens is one of the most valuable objects of the cultural heritage of mankind.
Acropolis of Athens
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Jeni Craswell

Amazing opportunity to walk around just a Greece was opening up so few crowds. Get a great tour guide, it was fun to hear the stories and tie it all t.. Read more »

Vijay Rajpoot

Acropolis, as you know, it's one of the most important temples and monuments in the human history, you definitely need to see it and to learn the beau.. Read more »


Acropolis, as you know, it's one of the most important temples and monuments in the human history, you definitely need to see it and to learn the beau.. Read more »

Katrina W

To say that Acropolis is a “must see” is an understatement. Very few places on this planet can give you what Acropolis has to offer. Thousands of year.. Read more »

אבי אוליאל

Some dazzling pineapples are thought of simply as spiders? Industrious dogs show us how lobsters can be hamsters. A boundless grape's kumquat comes wi.. Read more »

Mi Dang

You can see the town when you reach to the very top, it was beautiful... annoying when people constantly take pictures when you’re trying to get to a .. Read more »

Malc Hutchison

A must see if you are visiting Athens. Take your time to climb to the top and see the Parthenon. Fantastic views of Athens from the top. If there are .. Read more »

Peter Malachi Feeney

Not much I can say other than this is a must for anyone who appreciates history or beauty. We went during covid so it was very quiet, but we still got.. Read more »

Obblical Tongey

One of the best places to see in the world. Not much to say due to just how fantastic the architecture is, especially for its time. Being the birth pl.. Read more »

Rovshan Almaszadeh

I am delighted to have visited Athens during the European Heritage Days when I managed to visit the Acropolis twice. Being there you will feel the un.. Read more »

Jayde Müller

Absolutely incredible. I truly have no words. It’s breathtaking. If you visit Athens and don’t make the hike up there, it was a waste, do it!!

Allan Pin

Lovely place! Unfortunately they don’t give discounts for students, however they don’t charge for people under 25 years old. The view from the top is .. Read more »

Nick Kondylas

Here are only a few of the richest gifts ancient Greece has given to the world that still impact us today. • It was home to the first recognized histo.. Read more »

jean d

An extraordinary piece of human culture that withstood all those centuries. Even in the hot Greek summer sun it is a pleasure to adventure to the top .. Read more »

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