Acropolis of Athens

Athens, Greece
4.8 / 10
The Acropolis is the heart of Athens, an ancient city where civilization was born thousands of years ago, giving rise to the entire modern Western world. The architectural ensemble of the Acropolis includes the buildings of the pre-Hellenistic, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman period of the history of Athens. Of greatest interest are the partially preserved walls and columns of ancient temples and theaters. The complex of the Acropolis of Athens is one of the most valuable objects of the cultural heritage of mankind.
Acropolis of Athens
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Lovely historic place. The site is well maintained, a lot of tourists. Full of amazing stories and history. Unbelievable architecture, Amazing atmosphere and scenery. A great view of the whole city from the top! Such a wonderful piece of history!


Amazing architecture. Wonder how those people lifted those huge marble stones to that heights. Humans are amazing. Our ancestors were really cool. The proportion and calculation perfect. Today's technology has made the world small place and it's rea.. Read more »


A super nice place and you can feel the ancient history in there totally! You should pay €10 for the entrance and it's better to go on week days as it is less crowded. It is better you read a bit about this historical place and then go there to enjoy.. Read more »


Amazing experience. We climbed up the hill and got to see spectacular views of the city. There were two amphitheatres that were very pretty before reaching the top. Once you reach the Parthenon it is absolutely breath taking. You literally cannot vis.. Read more »


Described as the heart of Athens, the acropolis is a perfect ancient city and temple, and has a beautiful view. This hill has a natural and historical texture. There are small and traditional cafes around to eat or drink. It is one of the most imp.. Read more »


Timeless and mythical place. The possibility of walking on the place where some of the greatest philosophers walked is simple breath taking. Everyone has to visit this amazing place.


There isn’t really much to say here other than the acropolis is a marvel spectacular full of energy historical and one of a kind! It’s truly a treat to visit and experience! ?☺️


This place was beautiful. Go earlier in the day, or evening when sunsets. It’s very busy and windy/dusty so be prepared.


Extraordinary place, nothing similar in and entire world. You can feel the vibes of energy in all these areas around Parthenon. Also take we you binoculars for the discovery of the entire Athens, as the 360 view is up to the sea (of the weather permi.. Read more »


A great monument, i never get used of seeing Parthenon !!! The lighting creates different aspects of the Parthenon and every time you check it from another location seems prettier or not so pretty...


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