Acropolis Museum

Athens, Greece
5 / 5
The modern museum building was created in 2009 according to a joint project of Greek and Swiss specialists. The collection is composed of artifacts belonging to different periods of the history of Athens. Mostly, funds were replenished due to archaeological excavations on the territory of the Acropolis. The new Acropolis Museum has become the heir to the old collection of antiquities that has existed since the mid-19th century.
Acropolis Museum
Address:Dionysiou Areopagitou 15, Athina
Phone:+30 21 0900 0900


I'm a Museum Junkie!!! I can't get enough!!! I've been to Museums all over the World, and This may be One of My Favorites!!! To be privileged to be able to even stand in the same space as ALL this Antiquity, is amazing!!! To gaze upon relics fro.. Read more »


I've started my trip to Athens from this museum. It was raining outside so I made a good choice. It's free for students and probably 5€ for adults. Inside there's a lot statues which are very beautiful. I was there for 2 hours or more. Enjoyed my tim.. Read more »


Very wide building, informative exhibitions and short movies about Acropolis. Lovely terrace with view to Acropolis, €5 ticket's price and free entrance for EU students. Very nice and friendly museum's staff. I really recommend to visit, might be bet.. Read more »


An incredible, modern, welcoming museum where you can enjoy art, history and the Acropolis landscape! You should definitely make some purchases from the museum shop and enjoy a nice coffee or meal at the coffee restaurant situated at the top of th.. Read more »


Very interesting place. Be careful taking pictures with a flash!!! The security will be all over you. Loved it nevertheless


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