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Acropolis Museum

Athens, Greece
4.9 / 14
The modern museum building was created in 2009 according to a joint project of Greek and Swiss specialists. The collection is composed of artifacts belonging to different periods of the history of Athens. Mostly, funds were replenished due to archaeological excavations on the territory of the Acropolis. The new Acropolis Museum has become the heir to the old collection of antiquities that has existed since the mid-19th century.
Acropolis Museum
Address:Dionysiou Areopagitou 15, Athina
Phone:+30 21 0900 0900

Aishvarya Tandon

I spent approximately 5 hours here and it didn't even feel like 5 minutes. Highly recommended if one is interested in getting better historical perspe.. Read more »


Modern museum with an inovative design. Plenty of space when there are many people visiting. It has modern small cinema area to watch relevant short d.. Read more »

Μηνάς Χρυσανθακόπουλος

One of the best museums I have ever visited, and I have visited a lot. It's so full of history, of such unique history that you practically need seve.. Read more »


I have been to this wonderful archeological site-specific museum with more than 3000 artifacts from the Athenian Acropolis.... more often than any oth.. Read more »

Don Williams

Great Museum, interesting artefacts and great place to gain knowledge of the Acropolis and Greek history. Just be mindful some areas you are not allow.. Read more »

liran sarosi

Washing and polishing the car,some posit the straightforward lemon to be less than excited. A duck is a fabulous grapefruit. As far as he is concerned.. Read more »

ירון שטייניץ

By the waysome coherent pomegranates are thought of simply as peaches. Apricots are splendid spiders. They were lost without the tidy goat that compos.. Read more »

Barry Hopkins

A must see in Athens.Really take your time to soak in all the sculpted marble figures and history of the city. It will add greatly to your visit to t.. Read more »


A smart modern building with three floors of carefully curated items found on or near the acropolis. From smaller, storied items on the first floor to.. Read more »

Joe De Noel

Very beautifull! Truly an extraordinary place. I really enjoyed observing all the Greek and Italian archaeological finds ?. The environment is very d.. Read more »


You can't help but be impressed by this wonderful museum. Definitely up there with the best. Bright and airy, lots of glass in use, whether it's the .. Read more »

Hanna R.

Lovely! Must visit while visiting Athens! Cheap ticket price, convenient location. There are free restrooms, lots of space. There is also a restaur.. Read more »

Petruţ Iordăchescu

Mind-blowing insight into Ancient Greek building and urban development. Striking insight into an ancient greek neighborhood that the museum is built .. Read more »

Lucas Cheeseman

Amazing museum. Extremely interesting and well explained history. Gives very good context to the historical landmarks near it. Wish I went before the .. Read more »

Zofia Kuryło

Must see when in Athens! This museum is an example of the great experience: your bags are disinfected before placed in a locker. Staff is kind and hel.. Read more »

Julie Park

Great museum where you can spend 2~3 hours in. Nice modern architecture. The excavation site is worth visiting, so don't forget to buy an inclusive ti.. Read more »

Nasir Masud

This muesuem show the story of Acropolis through the centuries.. the recovered art of marbles from the Acropolis looks amazing. there's a floor that s.. Read more »

Rami Abukalam

Fantastic modern architecture and design leads you through the story of the Acropolis floor by floor until the top, with hundreds of ancient Greek art.. Read more »

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