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Palace SquarePalace Square
St. Petersburg, Russia

The main square of St. Petersburg, located in front of the Winter Palace. Its dimensions are almost ..

State Hermitage MuseumState Hermitage Museum
St. Petersburg, Russia

The largest museum in Russia, which, along with the Spanish Prado, the Paris Louvre and the Vatican ..

Catherine PalaceCatherine Palace
St. Petersburg, Russia

The palace complex is located in the vicinity of St. Petersburg in the city of Pushkin. Until the be..

St. Petersburg, Russia

Former imperial country residence founded by Peter the Great at the beginning of the 18th century. T..

St Pancras InternationalSt Pancras International
London, England

A railway junction in central London. It was built by the architect W. Henry in the 19th century. Th..

Oxford StreetOxford Street
London, England

One of the most famous London shopping streets. More than 100 million people visit it annually. Firs..

Abbey Road StreetAbbey Road Street
London, England

The street gained popularity due to the fact that part of it was immortalized on the cover of the al..

Piccadilly StreetPiccadilly Street
London, England

The street got its name from the lace collars that Robert Baker sold. Previously, it was called Port..

St. Paul's CathedralSt. Paul's Cathedral
London, England

Anglican Church standing on Ladgate Hill. Since the early Middle Ages, Christian churches were built..

Royal Albert HallRoyal Albert Hall
London, England

A concert hall reminiscent of the Roman Coliseum, where various events are held from musicals and aw..

Shakespeare's GlobeShakespeare's Globe
London, England

The theater, created with the participation of the great playwright W. Shakespeare at the end of the..

Royal Opera HouseRoyal Opera House
London, England

One of the most prestigious opera houses, where the best performers and orchestras strive to get. Be..

Tate Modern GalleryTate Modern Gallery
London, England

Gallery of modern art, attracting millions of tourists every year. It is considered one of the large..

The National GalleryThe National Gallery
London, England

The largest museum in the country, where more than 2000 samples of Western European painting are exh..

The British MuseumThe British Museum
London, England

The main historical and archaeological museum of the country, one of the largest in the world. The b..

Trafalgar SquareTrafalgar Square
London, England

The famous square in central London, a symbol of the city beloved by tourists and the place where th..

Westminster AbbeyWestminster Abbey
London, England

The main church of Great Britain is not only an important religious center, but also the place of co..

Kensington PalaceKensington Palace
London, England

The royal residence, the smallest of all the palaces belonging to the ruling family. The building wa..

Palace of WestminsterPalace of Westminster
London, England

The place where the British Parliament has been sitting since the 16th century. The palace stands on..

Tower of LondonTower of London
London, England

The fortress, standing on the north bank of the Thames, is over 900 years old. The tower is known as..

New CustomsNew Customs
Dusseldorf, Germany

A complex of buildings erected on the site of the former customs within Düsseldorf harbor. New Custo..

30 St Mary Axe30 St Mary Axe
London, England
Wembley StadiumWembley Stadium
London, England

Famous and even legendary among football fans the stadium, the symbol of England football. For the f..

Archaeological MuseumArchaeological Museum
Burgas, Bulgaria
Venetian LoggiaVenetian Loggia
Heraklion, Greece
Sistine ChapelSistine Chapel
Rome, Italy
Guangzhou, China

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