Palacio de LinaresPalacio de Linares
Madrid, Spain
Gate of EuropeGate of Europe
Madrid, Spain

Two skyscrapers-towers in the Plaza de Castia, built at an angle of 15 ° to the base surface. The ho..

Kopiec TatarskiKopiec Tatarski
Przemysl, Poland
Santa MonicaSanta Monica
Los Angeles, USA

The area is located in west Los Angeles off the coast. Like Beverly Hills, wealthy people and celebr..

Dusseldorf, Germany

The historical part of Dusseldorf and its cultural center. In addition to the invaluable legacy of p..

Temple White LotusTemple White Lotus
Cherkasy, Ukraine
Graz, Austria

Mansion in a Venetian style with exterior boxes and a Renaissance courtyard designed by architects D..

Burano IslandBurano Island
Venice, Italy

A small island near Murano, where one of the city blocks of Venice is located. The place is interest..

Eggenberg PalaceEggenberg Palace
Graz, Austria

Magnificent 17th century palace, one of the main attractions of Graz and the surrounding area. The c..

Pałac LubomirskichPałac Lubomirskich
Przemysl, Poland
Przemyśl CathedralPrzemyśl Cathedral
Przemysl, Poland
Przemyśl GłównyPrzemyśl Główny
Przemysl, Poland
Boyana Church MuseumBoyana Church Museum
Sofia, Bulgaria
Shodurivsʹkyy ParkShodurivsʹkyy Park
Zhytomyr, Ukraine
Olha and Elizabeth ChurchOlha and Elizabeth Church
Lviv, Ukraine

Church of Saints Olga and Elizabeth is the existing neo-Gothic church of the UGCC in Lviv, on Kropyv..

Schlossberg castleSchlossberg castle
Graz, Austria

The fortress is located on a hill 450 meters high. It became famous throughout Europe for the fact t..

Monument to John HowardMonument to John Howard
Kherson, Ukraine
The HofburgThe Hofburg
Vienna, Austria
Monastery of SharitokMonastery of Sharitok
Lutsk, Ukraine
Pharmacy MuseumPharmacy Museum
Lutsk, Ukraine
Monastery of BrygidkasMonastery of Brygidkas
Lutsk, Ukraine

Brigidok Monastery - Monastery of the first Lutsk female Catholic Order; a monument of architecture ..

Lesi Ukrainky StLesi Ukrainky St
Lutsk, Ukraine

Lesya Ukrainka Street is the central pedestrian street in Lutsk. At different times it was called: P..

Adrenalin CityAdrenalin City
Lutsk, Ukraine
Lutsk ZooLutsk Zoo
Lutsk, Ukraine
House with ChimerasHouse with Chimeras
Lutsk, Ukraine

Golovany sculptor house is an architectural monument located on the territory of the Old Lutsk Histo..

Rome, Italy

The construction of the 2nd century BC, the "temple of all gods" in Greek. The Pantheon was created ..

Andriivs'kyi descentAndriivs'kyi descent
Kyiv, Ukraine

Andriyivsky Uzviz - street in Podilskyi district of Kyiv, connecting Podil with Old Kiev. It runs fr..

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